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  • Does exactly as it says!!

    Macy Delzell - My husband bought me this ring as a push present. It’s our daughters birthstone (Citrine) and the hope is I will be able to pass it on to her when she grows up. I work with my hands in my industry, not to mention being a mom of 2. The way the ring was designed I have found it’s more difficult to clean than my wedding set. So over the year it’s gotten dirty and broke my heart. Finally broke down and bought this. Literally opened it up as soon as it was delivered and got to work. Within one cycle my wedding set was BLINGING! It did take a few cycles but this band is back to SHINING like NEW!!! Definitely recommend. - Verified Buyer

  • Big improvement, I'd try it with jewelry cleaner though

    Ally - For a fairly affordable product it does work! There's a marked improvement though I did have to run it a few times.I suspect it works better with actual jewelry cleaner instead of just water but I'll have to find some and try that.Note: make sure you check if your jewelry is compatible with this before dumping your wedding ring in, there is an included list of stones/metals that may be damaged by the microscopic bubbles ultrasonic machines generate. - Verified Buyer

  • I have used it once to make sure it worked

    Jane - Same kitchen under lighting, each with a before and after. It took only a few minutes, and I used some dish soap. - Verified Buyer

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The Future Is Here: Works like a charm

literally took it out of the box, plugged it in, filled the water to the max line, added a little bit of cleaning solution, and dropped items like my glasses and jewelry inside.

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Ultrasonic cleaner fits and deep-cleans every angle of your ring, jewelry, glasses, watches, rubber, bands, Phone case, Comb, Apple Watch, nail care products and various accessories

Jane M. -Verified Buyer

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